Timote & Winick move forward as solo DJ/producer RIECK

We recently announced that we signed the talented producers duo Timote & Winick, whose music is slowly gaining fans all over the world. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, Winick has decided to go into a different direction. With this change, Timote has decided to move forward as a solo DJ/producer under the name RIECK.

This will not affect any of the future music releases, or the music itself, as RIECK has always been 1/2 of Timote & Winick and will be working on the tracks by himself from now on, using the same sounds as before, incorporating new sounds as he progresses as an artist. All music previously released through Timote & Winick, their catalogue, will be changed to RIECK.

For the fans, again, nothing changes, and we wish Winick all the best in his new future endeavours. Stay tuned for new music released by RIECK, top of the new year.