Ann King Returns With Hauntingly Beautiful Single ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’

“Oozes with lush vocals, infectious beats and a voice that echoes through-out the song,” EARMILK
“Ann King’s ‘Heading’ hits all the sweet spots,” A1234

“Ann’s emotive vocals echo through the depths of the track,” FLAVOUR MAG


Embracing an essence of positivity, Ann King returns with a hauntingly beautiful heart-felt single “I Wouldn’t Mind”.

The infectious Pop/RNB tune is filled with influences of Dance and delves into the dynamics of heart-break and loving someone unconditionally and even if it all comes crashing down. It is about living life to the fullest, getting through the ups-and-downs even though life and especially when loving someone can really hurt.

On the single Ann said, “It is about living without regret and making memories to hold dear to your heart for the rest of your life, even if the person you made them with isn’t around anymore,”

“When people listen to the single, I want them to live the life they have always dreamed of and love with your heart wide open. Heart-break hurts but you can always get back up. Cherish the memories you made and don’t regret a thing you will be okay and you will come back stronger,”

Ann’s visuals tell an interesting story, she has synesthesia, which means she see colours when she hears music. This is why she colour codes her music videos, as shown with her first single ‘Heading’ it was mostly blue with pink. For ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’ it changed, she saw almost every part of the song in a different colour. For this video the verses were orange, the first chorus is blue with yellow, the second chorus is red with dark blue, the bridge is red and the last chorus is black with red and orange. So you can experience the colours that she hears.

The single is the second release from Ann, with her first single ‘Heading’ garnering love from tastemakers across the globe. The two tracks will feature in her upcoming album‘Fake Flowers’ which is slated for release in January 2020 promising addictive pop grooves accompanied by dance and R&B elements.