Ann King Makes Her Debut As Author With Poetry Book ‘Seasons Come, Seasons Go’


Multi-facet artist Ann King makes her author debut with her poetry book, ‘Seasons Come, Seasons Go’.

Writing hauntingly beautiful lyrics cemented a natural progression into releasing a poetry book for Ann. Her deepest thoughts are all unfolded into a collection of poems that ring true to the artist to uplift and inspire.

The poetry book ‘Seasons Come, Season Go’ is in total 111 pages long with each chapter divided into seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each season represents growth and contains 25 poems which makes the total amount of poems in the book 100.

The book starts off with Winter, as Ann delves into the depths of despair and the feeling of heartbreak. Spring is next represents nostalgia, recalling memories that were one made. Then we move onto Summer, which starts out with the poem ‘Forrest Fire’ which is about not wanting to admit you’re still broken and then moves on to ‘Slut’ a poem which talks about sexual assault. And the last chapter Fall is about healing and learning to trust again.

On the e-book, Ann says, “It’s just me writing down how I am feeling and when you do that in a song it’s way less confronting than when you do it on paper for people to read directly,”

“I would like people to take away from it that you can always get back up, no matter how hard the fall was and how lost you may feel. Find what you love and do just that because no matter what the seasons will always come and go,”

Hailing from the Netherlands, vocal powerhouse Ann King is a singer, songwriter and a passionate performer. Her strong voice has a wide range and has seen her perform solo shows in United States, including a show on Broadway, where she was received with praise for her performance. This year Ann has released a plethora of stunning releases, that will be included in her EP ‘Fake Flowers’ due to drop next year.

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