Ann King Aspires To Uplift In Her Colourful New Single ‘Up In Flames’

“Oozes with lush vocals, infectious beats and a voice that echoes through-out the song,” EARMILK “Ann King’s ‘Heading’ hits all the sweet spots,” A1234
“Ann’s emotive vocals echo through the depths of the track,” FLAVOUR MAG

Talented Dutch Pop singer Ann King releases a new single intended to uplift and inspire ‘Up In Flames’.

Heartwarmingly nostalgic and fine tuning her story telling prowess, Ann’s latest endeavour showcases her sassy and confident charisma. The single is about being true to yourself no matter what other people might say.

The young artist wrote the single at a time when she was searching for confidence. For quite some time she felt like she was being pushed into a mould that she didn’t fit into but she didn’t always have the confidence to speak up, the track is about standing up for yourself. The uplifting energy of the track relinquishes feel good essence from start to finish.

On why the single was different to her other releases, Ann notes, “It’s a lot happier and more upbeat than my other songs which I think is a good thing. It really embodies the confidence of the song,”

“I want to encourage people to be themselves and stay true to who they are no matter how other people think you should be,”

Unlike her previous releases the production on ‘Up In Flames’ is a little bit more upbeat and electronic than the rest of the album. Ann really wanted to focus on a happy and upbeat feel in the song to add substance and balance.

Ann takes pride on releasing music that creates a safe space for people to be true to who they are and to believe in their own dreams and abilities. The artist explains she is really honest in her music because she thinks it’s important to know “you’re not the only one who feels that way and that you can always get back up,”

Vocal powerhouse Ann King is a singer, songwriter and a passionate performer hailing from the Netherlands. Her strong voice has a wide range and has seen her perform solo shows in United States, including a show on Broadway, where she was received with praise for her performance. Her previous releases ‘Heading’ and ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’ has received love from taste makers across the globe and will be featured on her album ‘Fake Flowers’ due to drop next year.